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SAW PALMETTO EXTRACT, 640mg, for Prostate & Urinary Health


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SAW PALMETTO Extract (30 capsules) is a concentrated herbal extract derived from the SAW PALMETTO BERRY (Serenoa repens). It has been used by men for decades in Europe and is now recognized in the United States to maintain prostate health. The berries of the SAW PALMETTO plant have been used as a mild water releaser.

Product's Major Benefits
  • FAT METABOLIZER - Saw Palmetto berries contain an oil which is composed of free fatty acids, sterols, carotenes, tannins and lipase, an enzyme that metabolizes fats. The action of fatty acids  helps reduce inflammation and poor circulation.
  • NATURAL DISINFECTANT - has antiseptic and astringent properties h
  • WATER RELEASER - Expels toxins and irritants.


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