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FAT BURNER TABLETS - increases calorie burning rate


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FAT BURNER tablets contain 3 fat burning lipotropics - Choline Bitartrate 333.3mg, Inositol 333.3mg and dl-Methionine 333.3mg. It also contains Vitamin B12 (the energy vitamin), Folic Acid, Betaine HCL and Kelp to speed up your metabolic rate (calorie burn rate).

These lipotropics raise the metabolic (fat burning) rate so that the body uses more calories every minute and the result is faster weight loss. The other ingredients in the formula act as a catalyst to enable the lipotropics to work more efficiently to burn up fat. This advanced scientific fat burning formula is very effective for people wanting to lose weight and to keep weight off.



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  • Manufactured by: 21st Century Healthcare Inc.