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Fair & Lovely - L-GLUTATHIONE from Japan, 600 mg


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L-Glutathione Reduced is a very expensive, sensitive and delicate ingredient. It is an Amino Acid that works as an antioxidant. We use only the best quality of laboratory tested L-Glutathione Reduced from Japan.


Not diluted with L-Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C or Grapeseed like in other brands. It is our belief that since L-Glutathione is a sensitive, delicate antioxidant, it should never be mixed in the same tablet or capsule with other antioxidants like Alpha Lipoic Acid,Vitamin C etc because these other antioxidants may cause L-Glutathione to be oxidized thereby reducing its effectiveness.

Made in USA in our own factory under GMP conditions in our US FDA approved factory, you can be sure it is of the highest quality available. It is of PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE  AND 100% pure unlike most on the market which are of FOOD GRADE and also diluted and hence not so potent or effective - and of course FOOD GRADE is much, much cheaper as it has not been refined completely.


Some studies show that it tends to lighten skin by reducing Melanin production. MELANIN is what gives our skin its colour. And all races have Melanin, with the darker skinned people having more melanin and the lighter skinned people having less melanin. Users notice that skin colour lightens after as soon as a few weeks of use and reaching the lightest colour in 6 months of daily use. All studies have been based on PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE, 100% PURE which is exactly what is used by us in this tablet.


Apart from being a natural skin lightener, it is a MASTER ANTI-OXIDANT which means it is an anti-ageing material. It could well be the SECRET TO BECOMING YOUNGER. People report that their skin becomes more elastic and supple after a month. That fine lines disappear from their faces and do not come back even after they have stopped taking it for months.


It is also an ENERGY GIVER. People who have lost stamina and walk slowly, report that they feel energetic after a month or two of taking our L-Glutathione Reduced.




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