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Probiotics Complex, 50 Billion CFUs per capsule


Product Details:

The ultimate - 50 Billion CFUs per vegetarian capsule from 4 species of friendly bacteria - 12.5 billion of each species to cover the entire Probiotic spectrum THE SAFE NATURAL ALTERNATIVE TO GASTRIC REFLUX DRUGS The freeze-dried cultures will come alive when it comes into contact with stomach gastric juices Please check other brands. If it is not made in a vegetarian capsule (which is more expensive than capsules made with beef or pork gelatin) then the probiotics can react to the animal gelatin and become less effective. This is very important. 50 Billion Probiotics will ease stomach discomfort, reduce bloating and the awful feeling of being full when you have not eaten food for some time. Will reduce or stop gas and rumbling sounds in your stomach. Finally it will ease stomach discomfort especially for those who are on strong prescription drugs. Our price is low - but our quality is the best available - as always - because we make the capsules in our very own GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, U.S. FDA audited factory at 2119 South Wilson Street, Tempe, Arizona, USA.

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